[vc_row][vc_column][tek_testimonials tt_image_layout=”without-image” tt_autoplay=”auto_off” tt_content_align=”content-center”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Hear from our customers.” tt_quote=”• Excellent team work and very easy to talk to in case of any issues with the translations. Very good service in terms of the reply time and the delivery of the translations. The level of the translations are sometimes different depending on the language requested or who is in charge of the translation. In general, our team is very satisfied with the service and the overall skills of the translators at Lentrax translations.” tt_title=”Neal Leyton -EaglesFord ” tt_position=”Senior Manager”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Collaborating was efficient” tt_quote=”Lentrax helps us gain local insights into what users are doing, which devices and platforms they’re using, and how they prioritize experiences. All of which help us to innovate and deliver more value to global consumers.” tt_title=”Joel Ellis -NM WILLSON” tt_position=”Chairman, NM Willson Inc.”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”High professionalism” tt_quote=”• I have used this company for translation of documents for official use and they have always been fast, efficient and very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend them. Thank you Saad ZQ, You are brilliant and a real professional” tt_title=”Vanessa Gibbs” tt_position=”Chief Operation Officer, MACSONS”][/tek_testimonials][/vc_column][/vc_row]